F2 Heritage 2018

    Spedeworth director Deane Wood and Heritage F2 Chairman Graham Bunter have had a good discussion today on the future of Heritage F2 stock car racing, in the light of social media speculation .


    They have agreed that any split in the formula would not be in the best interests of drivers or spectators, and that fixtures need to be carefully planned, and restricted to preserve the unique nature of the formula. The Heritage F2 committee will work with Spedeworth to formulate a fixture list for 2018 that will achieve these aims.


    All Heritage F2 drivers are urged to talk to their committee members and express their views so that we can work together to maintain and uphold the traditions of Heritage F2 stock car racing.  An election for a new committee will be held as soon as possible to ensure all drivers have a voice in the future.



Graham Bunter    Deane Wood July 12th 2017