A few words from Callum Hosie. Guest driver at Stoke.

Callum Hosie is a racer based in Newquay  Cornwall and had secured the use of Alan Humphreys second car, who is based in Truro for the Stoke meeting on the 29th of October.

A story uinfolds for Callum, his girlfriend and dad who were also traveling with him.  Whilst towing, Callum had got as far as the Taunton & Dean services on the M5, some 200 miles short of Stoke, only to have serious clutch issues on his van. On needing to call the recovery services to collect his van, Callum, not a man to be beaten then posted a request on FaceBook to the “racin community” for help.

At this moment in time, an unknown local Formula Two driver came forward to help Callum and his family with the use of a van and tow vehicle so Callum was able to enjoy his first meeting on the “loose stuff”.  Just amazin!

On Callums return to sunny Cornwall,  Callum wrote to Alan H, the following;

“Well firstly a big thank you to Alan Humphrey for letting me out in his spare car.  Secondly thank you to all you drivers racing in such a cracking formula!  Seriously the best experience I’ve had on the ovals was in this little gem on the shale last night.  I’m still smiling like a mad man!  Friendliest group of racers we have been around too!  Even though we lacked the speed of some of you we had a cracking time”.

 Callum Hosie


The Callum Hosie prepared POP of Truro’s Alan Humphrey.

Ed’s note:

Callum, on behalf of our formula, we are really glad you and your family had such an enjoyable  night at the Chesterton oval with us.  It is true Stoke is such a great track and driver experience.  Your kind words are  appreciated as we all shared in the fun you had on Saturday night.  (I guess Alan and the owner of the tow vehicle now move up your Christmas card list) ????